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Our Vision

Flaco’s Tacos offers a solution to the problem of late night food for members of the Stanford community. Flaco’s caters to the very needs of this specific consumer group by offering affordable prices, late night hours of operation, and a unique dining experience that offers Flaco’s customers more than just food. Extending the Zingerman’s (see Mr. Hegyi’s bio) philosophy of Great Food, Great Service, and Great Finance, Flaco’s Tacos takes this one step further, creating a place where people can enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible. To do that, Flaco’s implements the following core principles into our culture:

  • Great Design
  • Great Food, Great Service, and Great Finance
  • Love for All (People, Food, and Life)
  • Commitment to Creating a Community and to Quality

Our Mission

Flaco’s Tacos exists to promote the love of eating, love of friends, and love of life — something that is all too often overlooked in America today. In our hectic lifestyle, sometimes we pass up opportunities to slow down and enjoy life in order to achieve personal goals. Instead, spending time with friends and family forms part of a healthier lifestyle.


Aron Hegyi

A member of the Product Design department at Stanford, Aron has worked at Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, Michigan, part of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, which Inc. Magazine has called “The Coolest Small Company in America.” There, he learned the Zingerman’s business perspective and culture, something which he has applied to his daily life since. Aron is also the co-president of the Stanford Cooking Club, and has participated in the 2004 and 2005 Cardinal Cook-Off, sponsored by Knorr and Stanford Dining. His love of food has been with him since he was two and a half years old – last fall in Florence, Italy, he experienced a rebirth of this love, and is now aiming to build a wood-fired oven on the Stanford campus.

Vaman Kamath

Also a member of the Product Design department at Stanford, Vaman has spent a great deal of time studying various user groups and observing their needs. This needfinding ability and the desire to provide appropriate solutions has been the motivation behind Flaco’s Tacos. In high school, Vaman also worked as a chef and cashier at Carl’s Junior in Pleasanton, California and it was here that he observed the lack of emotion and community in the food industry.

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